Vladimir Grablev was born in Russia and came to the United States in 2010, where he settled with his family in Reston, Virginia. Being an IT engineer by education he always felt a need to complement technical skills with his creative vision of the world. Soon after moving to his new home Vladimir bought a camera to photograph his family while traveling and seeing places. He quickly mastered his new equipment and discovered the beauty of Northern America. With his love of nature Vladimir quickly turned to landscape photography and set a goal for himself: to show the beauty of the world around him, the way he sees it. Vladimir became an often visitor to Shenandoah, but despite that, he is still discovering new views and hidden wonders of this national park. From time to time he gets on a road trip along East Cost to expand his creative horizon and satisfy the desire to learn something new.
In 2017 Vladimir joined League of Reston Artists and Reston Photographic Society, where he found an opportunity to display his works to the public and receive recognition of local photographers. He also shares his works online on various social resources, including Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram @georecorder. His professional skills helped him to develop an iPad application - VG Gallery - that he fills with his photographs and shares with the entire world.