Easy DoF

Take Better Pictures
Easy DoF helps outdoor and nature photographers to answer common questions: "What are my depth of field and hyperfocal distance?" and "When I can catch the best light?".
Depth of Field tool provides mathematically accurate calculations and helps you to properly setup and focus your camera. Do not forget to select your camera on the Settings tab. If your camera is not listed you can add it yourself. You can also select in what units you want to enter values and get the result: Metric or Imperial. Macro-photographers may appreciate the precision of shown values: 1/10th of a millimeter or 1/8th of an inch.
Golden Hours will help you to plan your photography schedule for best light, Moon phases and direction of sunrise and sunset on a give date. Your current location will be used by default, but if you plan a big trip, then use the map and select your destination.
Both calculators are easy to use and designed the way so it is convenient to use them in the field.