Monongahela National Forest

West Virginia
North Fork Blackwater River
North Fork Blackwater River is a beautiful stream, with several cascades, and a few waterfalls. That morning my destination was the Douglass Falls, and I managed to walk away from there with photographs I wanted. But before leaving the place, I lingered there a for a little longer. When my senses got released from the attention to my primary subject, I noticed how beautifuly the water runs down around jagged rocks. The photograph turned out quite well, and I'm happy to see that it matches my pre-visualized idea.
Trail Beast
After four hours on the Rohrbaugh Trail carrying a bag full of heavy gear, I felt pretty exhausted. But this spot compelled me to make one more stop and spend another twenty minutes setting up the shot. And that was a wise decision. The negative came out very well, with every quality I wanted to capture: the textures, the light, the ambiance, and this charming gesture of the tree roots, grasping the trail.
Seneca Rocks, West Virginia
I was driving from Green Bank Observatory that evening and stopped at the parking lot by the Visitor Center just at the right moment to capture this scene. I had to rush, though, as the light was changing very fast. I made three exposures in less than five minutes, and only one had this glorious golden glow on the cliffs.
Dolly Sods
The Bear Rocks is part of the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area. This high-elevated plateau features an ecosystem that is typical to more northern regions. Beautiful geological formations and firey-red vegetation make this place one of the most photographed in West Virginia. Although capturing an interesting photograph might be a challenge. Relentless winds make a photographer's work difficult, and autumn can be chillingly cold. I experienced both during my trip to the place in October 2015. It was a windy and freezing morning, but the beauty of the place prevailed and made me patiently wait for the sun to appear above the horizon.
Douglas Falls
This work, probably, is not very original, as the waterfall was photographed many times from a whole range of different angles. But I, of course, still had it on my bucket list. After almost 2.5 hours of driving, I finally parked my car at the side of a gravel road, leading to the waterfall. Deep potholes, filled with water, made the further drive unreasonably risky and I covered last 0.8 miles on foot. The area impressed me by its natural beauty and the abundance of photographic opportunities. I decided to find a simple yet very balanced composition, where all the elements complement each other and create a sense of natural harmony. I discovered several variations, but this one became my final choice.