Road Trip to the American Northeast

October, 2021
Kancamagus Highway
Part Two: Lost in the White Mountains
I spent almost two days in New Hampshire. While there, I drove scenic roads, explored beautiful trails and places of the region. I lost myself in nature, rarely picking up my journal camera to document the experience. My medium format, 4x5, and digital cameras were the primary tools most of the time.
Nevertheless, in the moments between driving and exploring, or even on the go - without looking in the viewfinder, I captured a few frames making a brief overview of those days. Random and not connected by a common theme, they still represent the timeline of my adventures in White Mountain National Forest. More importantly, they serve as a reminder that I should plan a proper visit to this place and attempt to enjoy it without a need to squeeze as much as possible in one brief visit.
The road to the White Mountains took me almost five hours. When passing Boston, clouds rolled in, and I hoped it would be the same from now on, but as soon as I left Massachusetts, the sky cleared up again and remained almost cloudless throughout my stay.
Clouds Above Boston
In the late afternoon, I reached the mountains. It was time to check in at my hotel, but I had an urge to stop somewhere and take in some scenery first. I noticed a parking lot by the road in the woods and pulled in. It was the Chocorua Lake Scenic Area.
Mount Chocorua and Chocorua Lake
I checked in an hour later and spent the rest of the day driving mountain roads and enjoying the scenery and the evening light. The next day was almost entirely dedicated to hiking and driving from one location to another.
Somewhere in White Mountain National Forest
On a few occasions, I pulled out my camera to snap a picture, but I felt that I had been forcing myself to make them. Later, when I developed the film, my impression remained the same, except for one photograph of Mount Garfield and the evening light.
Mount Garfield
The following morning I checked out from the hotel and set my course to Vermont. The shortest route suggested driving to the North, almost through the middle of the White Mountains, but I decided to take a longer way to the South via Kancamagus Highway.
Morning for Near North Conway
My original idea was to start the New Hampshire part of my trip by taking a picture of this sign. I thought it would make a good introduction image in the journal chapter. But I captured it on my way out, not on the way in, and finally decided to keep it in the chronological line of the day.
White Mountain National Forest, Kancamagus Highway
Swift River runs along the highway. A few minutes past the sign, I made another stop at the Lower Falls Parking Area and spent some time there with my medium format camera.
Swift River
I discovered Lilly Pond by accident a few years ago, and stopping here was a matter of reviving that first memory of the place.
Lilly Pond
My final stop was at an unnamed pullover by Hancock Overlook. After capturing the view of these mountains for the last time on this trip, I hit the road and left off to my next destination.
Near Hancock Overlook, Kancamagus Highway
To be continued...
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