Trip To Acadia

July, 2017
It is hard to tell when I first learned about Acadia. One photo here, one mention there, and, eventually, it came to the point, when I was consciously gathering information about the park. Soon, that evolved into an idea of going there and experience the place in person.

Day One

My journey from Northern Virginia to Schoodic Point was longer than I expected. But at midnight, I was standing in the darkness on a rugged shore of the Atlantic Ocean, listening to the sound of breaking waves somewhere beyond the reach of my flashlight. I was exhausted, and decided to stay there and spend the night at the back seat of my car.
The reward for the sleeping inconvenience was the proximity of my point of interest: it was right there, a few steps off the parking lot. I spent the whole morning walking on rocks, watching the fog rolling into the bay, and listening the sound of waves crushing into the rocks. Only when the sun got high, I decided that it's time to find a breakfast, and drive to the more popular area of the park on the Desert Island.
The rest of the day was busy: I stopped at the Visitor Center to pick up maps, drove to the summit of the Cadillac Mountain, spent some time at the shore of Jordan Pond, hiked in woods, and ended my day on rocks near Bass Harbor Light.

Day Two

In the morning, I was still overwhelmed by the events of the previous day. So today, I decided to slow down, and spend most of the time in woods on trails and carriage roads, away from swarms of visitors. By the evening, I was ready to be among people again, and arrived to the Blue Hill Overlook just in time to catch the sunset.

Day Tree

On third and final morning of my visit, I was at the top of the Cadillac Mountain. What started as a hazy sunrise turned into glowing scenery, and I spent a few hours on the summit before returning to my car, and leaving the park with a firm intent to come back again.