Going Wide on Delaware Art

September, 2023
A roll of 35mm film had been sitting in my camera half-exposed since May, and I struggled to find proper use for the rest. Then, I spooled it back into the canister and re-loaded it in my medium format camera with the help of two 3D-printed adapters.
Now, I can shoot stretched 3x1 images! The only issue is that the subject problem remained. However, now I had to think differently and pick a subject that would fit well in the panoramic space of the frame.
"Space? Frame? Hm. How about an art museum?" - a thought came to my mind, and soon I was looking for directions to the Delaware Museum of Art.
"Why not two?" - the next thought popped up in my head - "Look, there is another one only 50 miles away!"
// Mamiya RB67, Fuji C200 (35mm), Kodak Gold 200 (medium format)

Delaware Museum of Art, Wilmington

The museum was almost empty. I saw only a few visitors and had plenty of opportunities to experiment with the new format. Alternating between my art and the art of others, I spent a couple of hours without even noticing it.

Biggs Museum of American Art, Dover

I ran out of 35mm film in Wilmington and now switched to a more familiar 6x7 medium format. This museum was not that big, but also mostly empty and equally amusing. I walked the galleries, following the same procedure of alternating my attention between the camera and the exhibits.