In the Endless Caverns

August, 2022
Endless Cavenrs
What might be the best way to escape the heat of a summer day than tour caverns? Walking underground is always a cool experience, both in metaphorical and literal senses.
In the absense of the day light and limited artificial illumination, I decided to do something new to me: pushing ILFORD HP5+ to EI 3200, basically underexposing it by three stops. Images came our as expected: with high contract, and deep shadows, but I think they perfectly reflect the mood I had in caverns and hold memories of that visit.
(Camera: Canon EOS1 / Lens: EF 40mm f/2.8 STM)
On the Caverns Ceiling
Shadows and Light
Intricate Formations
Locals had parties during the Prohibition in this chamber
On the Caverns Floor
Sculptures of Time
Cluster of Stalactites
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