Fog In Reston

November, 2019
Lake Audubon
Yesterday morning Reston was shrouded in fog, which landed some dreamy effect on everything around. It was so magical, that I decided to spend some time and create a series of photographs, telling a story of that transient moment. My camera was loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus film - a black and white film, that would perfectly fit for this project.
Soapstone Drive
I drove around the town, dodging the commuters traffic, stopping at quiet spots, and taking images of ordinary scenes, transformed by the fog. I exposed the entire roll and developed it in the evening. The result was stunning! Almost all the photograph came out as I wanted them to be, with the proper contrast, light, and grain. So here it is, my “Fog in Reston” story.
Near Barnstead Drive
In Commute
At Walkers Nature Center
Nature House
Trees and Branches
Whip Road
Hunter Woods Gardens Plots
Hunter Woods Pool
Tall Fence
Reston Parkway
One Way
Crossing the Toll Road