From Maine to North Carolina

August, 2018
My Acadia trip from last year was still fresh in my memory when I decided to add a few more pages to that story. This time, however, my plans were not less aggressive, and to slow myself down even more, I decided to document my travels on a black-and-white film so that I do not see my pictures right away and do not stress out about "imperfect" photos.
Yet, a journey to the North was only part of the plan. The second part was to drive South to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I wondered if my pictures captured in both regions would create a complimentary juxtaposition.
// Film: Kodak TMax 100


Already familiar with the specifics of Acadia, I managed to dodge most of the traffic and large crowds. But what I enjoyed a lot was shooting on film. Lacking the ability to see the images I captured helped me to relax and be more attentive to the surroundings.

North Carolina

My Outer Banks visit was somewhat shorter than the one to Acadia. Plus, the pace of time feels slower here, where the landscape is flat, parking is plentiful, and distances are long. I took fewer pictures here, but no less pleasure than being in the North.
The images indeed turned out interesting. They have some timeless quality, and if I would not be making them myself, I would not tell whether they were taken recently or fifty years ago.