To the West of Seattle

May, 2015
Business travels are often associated with positive experience, especially if there is an opportunity to explore some fascinating places along the way. That was exactly the case with my upcoming trip to Seattle.
I spent several evenings planning my time in the national park, situated to the West of Seattle, on the Olympic Peninsular. I had about thirty-six hours at my disposal and hoped to see places that would highlight the diversity of the park's ecosystems. The final plan looked audacious but feasible.

Crossing the Continent

Pretty views entertained me from the beginning, during the flight, at least the first part of it, when the skies were not shrouded in clouds. The more the plane advanced toward the Washington State, the more gloomy weather grew. Seattle welcomed me with a cold rain.


I should admit, though, that cold welcome was no more than just an attempt to test my resolve. The following days were warm and sunny, making my business commutes pleasant and free time enjoyable. I had a chance to go outside and photograph some attractive views, which seemed to be plentiful in Seattle.

Going West

Finally, on Friday afternoon, after my business duties were concluded, I departed toward Edmonds to take a ferry to Kingston, from where I will drive to a campground to spend the night at the back of my rented car.

Pacific Ocean

The following morning was dark and gloomy. Thick clouds covered the sky, and drizzle was my companion during the hike along Rialto Beach. I was dressed appropriately and had no complaints about the conditions. In fact, this weather emphasized the rough nature of the Pacific Ocean and made my experience even more memorable.

Hoh Forest

A few hours later, I returned to my car and set course to my next stop - The Hoh Rainforest. The place was a real magic: scenic drive, charming valley, and quiet forest, with ancient trees, mosses growing from their branches, and abundant ferns.

Hurricane Ridge

In the afternoon, I left the forest toward my final destination - The Hurricane Ridge. I arrived well before the sunset and spent the rest of the day there, enjoying the views and watching the fading light.
I returned to Seattle after midnight with a new experience. I hope that one day, I will add more memories about this place, but that first visit will always be special.